About the Company

SYMONE + ALEXIS is an affordable, fashion-forward jewelry line for women with an appetite for sparkle and adventure. Our extensive, yet highly selective collection offers elegance, style and versatility to every woman.

How It Began

Hi guys, I’m Simone Prendergast, founder and CEO of Symone + Alexis. I’ve always had a passion for jewelry and the magical way it can transform an outfit or just make you feel good about yourself. My journey as an entrepreneur in the jewelry space began at an early age. I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Jamaica. When I was 18 years old my sister’s nail technician told me about her side hustle selling pieces of fine jewelry she was able to source from a trip to the island of St. Martin. I thought to myself, why not explore this opportunity as I was enrolled in college at the time and was looking for means to pay my tuition. So bursting with excitement I went with her on her next trip and was able to find a handful of beautiful pieces myself. Because this was fine jewelry, all the pieces were 14k gold, so I could only able to afford a few pieces with the $1,000USD that I was able to come up to purchase my first inventory.
In only a few short weeks all the pieces that I had sourced sold out and I had gotten rave reviews from my customers. They loved the jewelry, the styles were unique and the quality was excellent! Luckily for me, I made a hefty profit also and decided that I had to embark on a second trip, albeit by myself this time, to find more beautiful pieces. On my second trip, I was able to curate an even bigger collection because with the profit that I’d made this time I had more cash on hand. My second trip was just as successful as the first. The jewelry sold out almost immediately and once again had received raving reviews. Shortly after I moved to the United States to continue my college education and got caught up in life as a full-time student and full-time corporate employee. Soon after completing college, I gave birth to my daughter and life just happened. However, I never lost my passion and after working in the corporate world for quite some time I felt like I was doing a job just to make ends meet.

I was not happy because it was not my passion. But I did see an opportunity in the situation. I worked in a huge corporate office with a lot of women and I thought to myself, “why not start curating jewelry again to sell to my female colleagues at work?” However, this time my thought was to source pieces that were stylish, high quality yet extremely affordable. So, I decided to find pieces that were made with high quality metals such as stainless steel but were affordable in price. These pieces were also 18k gold plated so they didn’t tarnish and with proper care lasted a long time. The women in the office loved the pieces and they would sell out fast. I’d have to restock quite often and they would sell out time and time again. I realized that I was onto something big! I was often told that I had a good eye, the pieces that I found accentuated these women’s outfits and made them feel good about themselves. That’s when the idea of Symone + Alexis was born. I thought to myself, why not make this into a full-time business as that would give me the opportunity to not only adorn the women that I worked with beautiful pieces but women everywhere. I believe that a woman shouldn’t have to break the bank to look her best. Our jewelry is of the highest quality! All our pieces are made with the highest level of craftsmanship and are ethically sourced and sold at fair prices so that women can look and feel their best without putting a hole in their budgets.

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