About us

About the Company

SYMONE + ALEXIS is an affordable, fashion-forward jewelry line for women with an appetite for sparkle and adventure. Our curated collection is shipped worldwide from Long Island New York.

Our extensive, yet highly selective collection offers elegance, style and versatility to every woman.

About the founder and our mission.

Hi guys, I’m Simone Allisa Prendergast, Founder and Chief Curator at Symone + Alexis. Since the inception of my company in 2014, I have made it my mission to give women access to elegant and stylish jewelry and fashion accessories at extremely affordable prices. I strongly believe that a woman shouldn’t have to break the bank to look her best.  

How do I do it?

My extensive, yet highly selective collection, is carefully curated with versatility in mind. So whether you’re a trendy fashionista, or a minimalist, we have jewelry and accessories that will pair well with anything in your wardrobe.  

Are you ready for this :)

Hey, fashion is fun, let's play together!