1. Am I buying the right size Bracelet?

Follow the Bracelet Size Guide

2. Where is my discount code?

When you arrive and or exit the website you will be presented with a popup asking you to signup for a discount code. Click save to clipboard to the right of the discount code. Apply that discount code to your purchase when checking out by pasting in the discount code.

3. Where do I apply my discount code?

When checking out your items, an input area will be presented to apply your discount code, once you add this discount code you will receive your discount on the total amount. 

4. How long does standard free shipping takes?

Free shipping will take approximately 2-3 business days for items to be shipped and received.


5. How do I choose a Bracelet color and Size?

Select your Bracelet color and size on the product page before you add the item to your shopping bag.

6. What does 42mm mean in length, and 62mm in a Bracelet?

42mm is consider a small sized Bracelet and a 62mm is a medium sized Bracelet. Check your wrist size by checking the fit recommendation guide to determine the best size for you. Fit Guide

7. I am concerned about scamming sites on the internet, will I be scammed?

Symone + Alexis is a reputable family owned Jewelry business that is owned and operated by Simone Prendergast. Find her Linkedin Profile here.

8. Are our Bracelets tarnish proof?

What is Tarnish?

Tarnish is a layer of corrosion that develops on many metals, particularly sterling silver. Stainless steal Jewelry are prone to erosion.

Our recommendation is to clean your Jewelry often and wrap or cover it with Silver Tarnish Cloth.

If there are additional questions you have that was not covered, please reach out us directly on the pink Pure Chat on the right hand corner of the website or email us directly at or fill out our site contact form here.